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Candy and Harvest Hope


Candy Fundraiser Money and Harvest Hope Shampoo Donations are due on Friday, April 15th!

We will have our last meeting on May 4th during lunch.  We will vote for next year’s officers at this meeting.



Beta Meeting on Wednesday, April 6th!

At out next Beta Meeting, we will discuss the following:

1. Officer Nominations for next year

2. Service Project ideas for next year

3. Probation Saver Service Project

-Bring in 5 bottles of shampoo and/or conditioner per missed activity (with the exception of Adopt-A-Highway and Candy Sales).  These items need to be turned in by April 15th.

Thank you to all of you for your participation.



1. We will have an Adopt-A-Highway Clean-Up this Saturday, February 26th at 9 am.  Meet Ms. Alford by the auditorium and be ready to pick up trash! 🙂

2. A reminder that we’ve moved the yard sale date to March 12th.  We will hash out all the details at our next meeting on Wednesday, March 2nd.

Things we need help with for the yard sale: donations, tables (only to borrow that morning), people to make signs before-hand, yard sale workers!

3. T-shirts for the juniors and sophomores have been ordered and will be here just before the yard sale.

4. Remember the spring candy sale will take place at the beginning of April.  YAY!

Monthly Meeting for February

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, February 2nd!

Things we’ll be discussing:

-Camp Kemo Yard Sale (donations, donations, donations)

-Adopt A Highway Cleanup on February 19th

-Spring Candy Sale in April

T-Shirts and Yard Sale…OH MY!


Juniors and Sophomores, if you did not sign up for a t-shirt, please see Mr. Fowler (room 513) by Monday, December 13th!


Yard Sale

Please keep in mind the Camp Kemo Yard Sale on March 5th.  We will take items starting now.  Drop them by any of the sponsors’ rooms (Ms. Alford-109, Mrs. Fowler-308, Mr. Fowler-513, or Ms. Malyerck-503).

Also, remember that you must participate in at last 4 of the activities this year and one Adopt-A-Highway.  Mark your calendars for the yard sale!!!

December Meeting!

Reminder! Our monthly meeting will be on December 8th at lunch in the auditorium.  We will be taking information for our t-shirt order.   You need to be at this meeting if you want a t-shirt this year!

See you then!

Hello Betas!

Welcome to our new blog! We will be using this blog to all of us stay in touch in between meetings.  We’ll use the blog to relay reminders, due dates, upcoming events, and anything else associated with the AHS Beta Club!

You are encouraged to submit to the blog by entering your email address in the lower right hand corner.

Candy Reminders!!!

Technically, candy money was due on Monday, November 15th.   Either way, please make sure that you have touched base with Mrs. Fowler as of Wednesday, November 17th AND you turn in ALL candy money by Friday, November 19th!  We really appreciate your participation in this activity.